In Matthew 28:19 Jesus calls us to go and make disciples.  At Salty, we answer that call through our mission to RESCUE and EMPOWER disciples for Jesus.

Our vision is to reach the beach community providing and launching rescue stations up and down the coast and around the world.  

Our journey is UNCHARTED

and our call is to GO.

It’s time to launch into uncharted waters, to answer the call to go in a way that is beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before. HERE: our current ministry, THERE: our coastal community, EVERYWHERE: local and global outreach.


Primary Goal 100% Engagement

We want every single person to take his or her next step in discipleship and grow in generosity.  We believe now is the time for us as individuals to grow DEEP and WIDE for the sake of God’s mission.


Secondary Goal $8.5 million

We have asked the Lord to show us what kind of impact He wants us to have over the next two years.  We believe He has identified three areas and we are trusting Him to move through us to invest $8.5 million to accomplish the vision of RESCUE and EMPOWER.  We believe we are called to continue to impact HERE.  Being good stewards of the continued ministries in Ormond, NSB, and Flagler. We believe we are called to impact THERE. Creating room for those we have not yet reached through our current campuses. Finally, we believe we are called to impact EVERYWHERE.  Reaching the hurting and the lost both locally and globally through our missional efforts.


What’s Next

Pray that God will work in the hearts of His people at Salty and that we grow in faith and understanding of God’s will in our lives. Ask God what He wants you to give to the UNCHARTED initiative. Surrender all you are and all you have to Him.

Reflect as you pray, we believe the Holy Spirit will speak to you. Take some time to reflect on what you think God is saying to you. If you are married, talk about where you sense the Holy Spirit is leading. If you find yourself in different places, continue to pray and reflect, humbling yourselves before God and each other.

Take an Uncharted Step as we go deeper in our relationship with God, we learn what it means to value Him above all else. Growing as a follower of Jesus is a journey of ongoing steps of trust in Him. We don’t grow without taking a step of faith. Growing in generosity requires us to take a step in trusting Jesus as we give what He has called us to give.